Our Operations Team is here to help you liaise with our affiliated researchers and the whole of the GW4 Water Security Alliance community. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any enquiries.

Andrew Schofield (Manager)

Andy Schofield

Before working for the Water Security Alliance, Andy worked on the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project, researching and developing approaches to modelling impacts on diadromous fish. His experience spans over 25 years working in both strategic and operational roles delivering fisheries, conservation, recreation, water and forest management.
Andy is taking forward the GW4 WSA, enhancing our knowledge and improving the future protection of our precious water resources. 

Please contact Andy at schofielda@cardiff.ac.uk to engage or to know more about the Water Security Alliance. 

Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron (Liaison Officer – University of Exeter)

Hannah is always keen to support the WSA strengthen links between research and delivery agencies, to bring about innovative, collaborative solutions to the water security challenges we face. As a liaison officer at Exeter, she supports research partnerships and community links locally.

Please contact Hannah at h.c.a.cameron@exeter.ac.uk to engage or to know more about the Water Security Alliance.

Joe Gillett (Liaison Officer – University of Bristol)

Joe provides dedicated support for academics and researchers based at Bristol working on activities related to the objectives of the WSA consortium. His role is to develop and maintain successful collaborations and partnerships between researchers and potential stakeholders.

Please contact Joe at joe.gillett@bristol.ac.uk to engage or to know more about the Water Security Alliance.

A photo of Sonia Skaczkowska

Sonia Skaczkowska (Liaison Officer – University of Bath)

Sonia provides support at both local and GW4 level to ensure the successful delivery of the Alliance. Her role is key in supporting local research activities, partnerships and maintaining oversight of resultant projects and WSA initiatives. 

Please contact Sonia at ses64@bath.ac.uk to engage or to know more about the Water Security Alliance.