Summary of the event available on the GW4 website

‘Collaborative research to support action is crucial to delivering water security’ was the key message of our 2019 annual event, taking place in Bristol on Friday 14th June. Over 110 academics, stakeholders and funders joined us to discuss water security and to work towards setting a new agenda in the global water challenge.

Our 2019 Keynote Speakers

“In a changing climate, the security of water will become increasingly important.  Meeting the future needs of people and the environment will require research and lots of innovative thinking to inform what we do. The key ingredient will be working across disciplines to bring the right people into discussions.” Doug Wilson (EA)

Our 2019 Morning Panel

Ruth Kelman (NERC), John Rees (UKRI), Paul Gaskin (DCWW) and David Tickner (WWF) discussing perspectives on funding landscapes

Focus on our PhD students

Starting the process of collaboration together

“The definition of Water Security has evolved from initially being environment-centric to include issues such as socio-economic development, peace and security. To achieve this, it will be necessary for water sector actors to build partnerships within other sectors such as energy and food security.” Murray Biedler (UNESCO)