Led by Dr. Aimee Murray (Exeter), this group of senior academics from Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter are seeking to raise the profile of antimicrobial resistance in freshwater environments.

The group will consider where, how and why AMR occurs? What the future environmental and societal consequences will be? What action can be taken, by whom, to address the issues? Importantly the current knowledge gaps will be explored with a view to then developing targeted research to address these.

Group members

Dr. Aimee Murray – University of Exeter

Prof. Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern – University of Bath

Dr. Susan Conlon – University of Bristol

Prof. Andrew Weightman – Cardiff University

Prof. William Gaze – University of Exeter

Dr. Anne Leonard – University of Exeter

Dr Susan Conlon – University of Bristol

Dr Jannis Wenk – University of Bath

Prof. Charles Tyler – University of Exeter

Prof. Will Gaze – University of Exeter

Dr. Emilie Grand-Clement – University of Exeter

Prof. Jo Cable – Cardiff University

Prof. Isabelle Durance – Cardiff University

To find out more about this group please contact Andy Schofield at schofielda@Cardiff.ac.uk.