Following initial discussion with a small number of researchers it is proposed to develop an extended research community to which any interested researchers across the GW4 are invited.

The purpose of the group is to bring researchers together to:

  • Share areas of research and examples of current use of environmental sensors.
  • Share knowledge of sensor development.
  • Explore future collaboration areas and investigate how new innovations can be resourced.

The initial focus was proposed as:

  • Development of sensors across all areas of our water research.
  • Deployment of sensor in the field particularly in hard to reach locations.
  • Data transmission from sensors.

All the above will contribute to ensuring that data collection can be done more safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and less-intrusively.  

research community members

The membership of the group comprises of researchers and postgraduate students (including from the FRESH and WISE CDTs) from across the GW4 universities.

Join us

If you wish to participate in the group please email Andy Schofield at