The clothing sector is the fourth-largest source of global carbon emissions. Its production processes also pollute and put pressure on water resources, whilst microfibres shed form textiles through use and washing cause land and water pollution.  

‘Fast fashion’, with its rapid production of new designs, quick turnaround of new trends and low prices is increasing consumption.

NERC have been leading a consultation process with industry, academia and NGOs with the aim of identifying opportunities to develop a broad, multidisciplinary research and innovation programme that can deliver whole-system solutions to reduce the clothing sector’s negative environmental and social impacts.  The NERC consultation will formulate potential research questions. 

The Water Security Alliance has drawn together an inter-disciplinary group of researchers and stakeholders to discuss the key issues and to identify key future research areas. 

Research Community Members

The group currently consists of 17 researchers from across the GW4 universities and has been supported by representatives of four stakeholder organisations two of whom are directly involved in the production of clothing whilst the others represent charitable organisations campaigning for more sustainable production approaches.

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If you have any questions or are interested in joining the Community please register your interest by emailing Hannah Cameron at .