Our Themes

examples of our current research

    • CREWW

      Hand using tap to fill an overflowing glass of water

      A £10.5 million investment will fund world-leading research into the provision of safe and resilient water services in the UK and overseas.

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      An international team of researchers and organisations help tackle food and water insecurity in the Horn of Africa Drylands (HAD).

      Image credit: BBC Media Action

    • MaRIUS

      Dry earth and grass

      A £3.4m NERC-funded project introducing a risk-based approach to drought and water scarcity, in order to inform management decisions and prepare households.

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    • NextGen

      The project will look at demonstrating technologies with a potential to contribute to reuse and recovery of resources within a perspective of circular economy.

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    • SWEEP

      Stones in a river in a forest

      A £4.1m NERC-funded initiative bringing together academic experts, businesses and policy makers to solve some of the challenges involved in managing, utilising and improving the natural environment.

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    • The Biogeochemistry Research Center


      An interdisciplinary research venture with state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment and instrumentation, addressing cutting-edge questions in Earth Systems Science.

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