University of Bath

  1. Coastal monitoring instrumentation
  2. Water tanks with sediments
  3. Water quality labs
  4. Water treatment labs
  5. Waste water treatment labs
  6. Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC²)

University of Bristol

  1. Catchment monitoring infrastructure
  2. Distributed catchment monitoring platform
  3. Biogeochemistry analytical and experimental platform
  4. Hydrometeorological station
  5. Hydrological modelling capability
  6. Ecological monitoring platforms and experimental facilities
  7. Facilities for growth experiments with plants and algae
  8. Bioinformatics and genomics facilities
  9. The Biogeochemistry Research Centre

University of Exeter

  1. Aquatic Resources Centre
  2. Thermodynamics and fluids lab
  3. 3D printing
  4. Bioimaging Centre
  5. Structures lab
  6. Materials lab
  7. Electronics lab
  8. Nanotechnology lab
  9. Graphene
  10. Experimental area (flume 180 l/s)
  11. PaleoEcology lab
  12. Clean room
  13. Sedimentology lab
  14. Analytical wet lab
  15. Living Systems Institute
  16. Sequencing

Alternative resources

While we are building our own database, below are some alternative resources to find suitable facilities in the South West: