bridge spanning a flooded river

Damage to, or the loss of, critical infrastructure can have significant impacts; endangering lives, damaging business operations and livelihoods, disrupting supply chains and add to the disturbance of communities and their activities.

Learning from past, present and future incidents, this group will focus on the impacts that water related events can have on infrastructure and the wider consequences for society, local economies and ecosystems.  Our work will consider the increasing risks posed by warmer climates, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events and the consequential impacts and costs of damaged infrastructure and the interruption of utilities and services. An ability to predict events take appropriate risk management actions and avert impacts will be key to developing future resilience.

In bringing together an inter-disciplinary research community across the GW4 we will share our existing research, identify gaps in delivery and seize the opportunity to work with our stakeholders to co-develop solutions.

research community members

The membership of 22 researchers and postgraduate students is led by:

  • Dr. Chris Blenkinsopp (University of Bath)
  • Dr. Albert Chen (University of Exeter)
  • Dr. Kirstin Strokorb (Cardiff University)
  • Dr. Maria Pregnolato (University of Bristol).

Join us

If you have any questions or are interested in joining this particular research community please register your interest by emailing Andy Schofield at